Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is Jayson Musson?

Jayson Musson, whose A True Fiend's Weight show we went to at the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery on Thursday, is a well known artist with strong connections to Philadelphia: he received his BFA in photography from UArts in 2002, and his MFA in painting from UPenn in 2011. He is perhaps best know for his alternate ego Hennessy Youngman, who is featured in a series of popular YouTube videos called ART THOUGHTZ. Through the humorous and exaggerated, these videos often make insightful and on-target commentary and criticism of the art world. Here are a couple of his videos that you might enjoy:

You can find all of the Hennessy Youngman videos at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/HennesyYoungman

Jayson Musson also exists as a artist outside of this persona, as we saw at his show on Thursday. Although he currently lives and works in Brooklyn, he is still very relavant to the Philadelphia art scene. Here is the artist's website: http://www.jaysonmusson.com/welcomemat.html

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